Before answering this question, do you know what is a startup? A startup is an idea admired by one or more people who work together for its advancement. The idea could be related to services, support organizations, universities, or anything else.

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Though most of us have admired Mark Zuckerberg about his idea of Facebook, which was a community built to connect the people across the world. But what we never did was why he began a startup? Or let’s say why Bill Gates dropped his college and worked on an idea called Microsoft? There are so many people around who built their startups when the term was not even common.

But today, Startups have become an influencing category over the youth. Let’s know why!

  •  A Startup is not only about a new idea, but it is also about building an architectural phenomenon from scratch to something. Putting in simple words, a startup is not a small business, but it is an idea built for servicing the community with a product that was required. Imagine your life without Facebook or Instagram! How it was and how it is now?
  • Nowadays, most of the people do not believe in participating in the traditional economy because a job brings conflicts inside and outside your mind, and you are no longer able to work for yourself. Just think about it! Are all your dreams going to be fulfilled with what you earn? There is only one source of income. How do you think it is all going to be? It’s time to think about it because you are not going to live forever.
  • Globalization and mobility are partaking the world on its toes. Where MNCs or government organizations are no longer providing job security, people are motivated to build something of their own along with doing a job so that they have something if their job falls apart.

“Always remember that there should be more than one source of income.”- Robert T. Kiyosaki

  • As the demand for job has increased, there are more job seekers and unemployment around the world. If everyone will be seeking a job, who will provide it? The government won’t and no MNC will either do it without a higher educational qualification.
  • While a job doesn’t demand a business sense, entrepreneurship is all about having market experience. If you are good at it, why doing a job?
  • Most of the important reasons why a Startup is an influential category is that people are not aware of how they should spend their money. This is something that Robert T. Kiyosaki has shared in his book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, “people aren’t aware of how they should spend their money. All their life, the clock tikes around their bills, and payment, and no part is shared in the savings account because a negotiable salary cannot bring a satisfactory life.” Well, it’s true. Most of the people involved in a startup want to make something of their own by spending and earning as per their means and not by the rules of the other.

A startup more about what you think and what you believe. It’s not about gender hierarchy or any other rules, it’s about how you think an idea can help the community and serve it with your efforts. Of course, a startup is fulfilled with risks and challenges, but it isn’t your life the same? If you won’t take the risk, someone else will, and they will get, what you always wanted. Ideas are something universal, and what might occur to you may occur to someone years ahead. It’s all about what you believe and how you can work for it.

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