The use of compact technical devices comes under a topic called microtechnology. Microtechnology involves the use of microcomputer parts, space microdevices microelectronics and microsurgery. Another important part of microtechnology are microfilm and microfiche. These are devices that store information on films. In this concept, microfiche is more focused on storing microfilms.

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The word ‘micro’ has Greek origin. It is derived from a words called mikros which literally means small. So, it simply means something that is small. Similarly the word ‘technology’ refers to developing an improving technology in order to meet the needs of the modern day man.

Microtechnology comes with great advantages. The best of which is it’s minimalistic requirement of space. Other most noticeable features are the use of less construction material and requirement of less investment.

Early manufacturing stages of such compact devices demand the use of knowledge derived from pre existing technology. Along with this one needs a professional manufacturer and decent manufacturing conditions. Another attractive thing about microtechnology is that they are light and do not require much space for storage. This feature makes it more reasonable to use microtechnology in places like outer space.

The early ears of 1920 saw the emergence and advancement of microtechnology. The exploration conducted in various fields of science made it possible for microtechnology to blossom. Certain inventions and concepts during these early days have laid the basis of microtechnology. Some of these inventions are microscope, electricity, computers and lasers. The use of microscope is endless. It allows technicians to view minute parts of computers and other electronic devices. And on the other hand, it also helped surgeons. With the use of these devices, doctors and surgeons could view parts that were earlier impossible to view using the naked eye.

Computer microtechnology:

The creation of computer was no less than a revolution. But the very first computer built was a bulky machine. Since then scientists and technicians have been working to reduce the size and at the same time improve the efficiency of computers. Microtechnology has had it’s impact on this field even. The computers that we use now a days consist of many microparts. One of which is called a microchip. This microchip is a small device which contains the entire processing unit. Microchips generally are available in smaller sizes- approximately 0.08sq in. These microchips are a miracle of substances called semiconductors, and possess many electrical properties.

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Laser Technology:

Laser technology is also used by computer microtechnology. Lasers (the name is an acronym for spectral emission radiation light amplification) are centered light beams, amplified between opposing mirrors. The American physicist Theodore Maiman used the first laser in 1960. Directed light has exceptional specificities; laser light can drill into a pin’s head over 100 holes. Lasers are used in the phenomenon of continental drift to guide missiles, align walls and ceilings of structures under building, print, and detect tiny motions of Earth’s continents.

All lasers have three main parts: a light source, mirrors that intensify the light beam, and a medium that amplifies. Lasers are categorized by their amplifying medium and typically consist of four kinds: semiconductor, solid state, gas, or dye. It is possible to direct a laser beam through the floor and around corners. Laser light is used in communication, as it can be performed along fiber optic glass wires without much loss of signal.

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