The use of compact technical devices comes under a topic called microtechnology. Microtechnology involves the use of microcomputer parts, space microdevices microelectronics and microsurgery. Another important part of microtechnology are microfilm and microfiche. These are devices that store information on films. In this concept, microfiche is more focused on storing microfilms. The word ‘micro’ has Continue Reading

5g Technology

The latest advancement that cellular network has seen is the advancement of Fifth generation (5G) wireless network. The engineering behind the development of 5G is focused in increasing speed and responsiveness of wireless networking. 5G wireless network can transmit data at a speed as high as 20 Gbps. Along with the enormous leap in speed, Continue Reading


ICT is a common term used by many, but many of us don’t know what ICT exactly is? There are many questions floating around but the most important one is- What is the meaning of ICT? In simple words, ICT is an acronym for ‘information communications technology’. People use ICT in different aspects. The most Continue Reading